A Prayer for this Church

I have little history in the churches of Christ. Even the first CofC I attended had a woman youth minister and had no problem having instruments in the church for non Sunday service things (actually a thing in most conservative CofC deeds!). So I am not quite the person that would otherwise see movement in our tradition as momentous.

But today as my elders at our church disclosed that they want to complete the move that started 12 years ago towards a full set of voices and open preaching and song leading to women, I felt sheer joy and peace being present during the announcement. I noted the importance of that moment and moving towards this incredible goal. Perhaps not a goal, but a vision.

I noticed because it was the moment that our church decided to stand on the vision of the love of one another as the highest form or our community, and even more importantly, our church has decided that God speaks through all and that his Holy Spirit does not move with limits. Their decision is an invitation to God to move and speak and push and pull and whisper and shout to his body of believers at our place.

With this move, we say as a church:

Come Lord Jesus and whisper to us.

Come Lord Jesus and show us your love in ways we could not have seen before.

Come Lord Jesus and let us love beyond disagreements, preferences, opinions, race, and gender.

Come Lord Jesus and let us be an even greater reflection to those who come into our walls and in our buildings.

Come Lord Jesus, and speak afresh to us and don’t stop moving amongst us.

I am somewhat aware of the courage it takes to make these decisions, but I am humbly honored to be there as this change comes. There will be difficulties and struggles, but we have the opportunity to show our little girls as well as all other females in our church that their voice carries meaning- their voice may also now bear the Word and Spirit of God for his people. Amen, and I’m so glad to have been there for that.

From the blog of James Denham: