Novie CommunionWhat We Believe


We confess that God is Creator and Sustainer of all things. We believe he does not “view us from a distance,” but is intimately involved in his world, working to liberate and reconcile all of creation to himself through love and grace.


We confess that Jesus is the embodiment of the only eternal Son of God the Father. We believe that Jesus is not just a great religious teacher, or even the greatest of all religious teachers. Rather, “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself” (2 Cor. 5:19). He alone is uniquely qualified to reveal the Father to us. He reveals a God of love and grace, compassion and forgiveness, justice and mercy.

Holy Spirit

We confess that God’s Holy Spirit is the presence of Jesus within his community of believers today. Through his life, death and resurrection Jesus makes the promised Spirit a reality in the lives of all who are baptized into his name. The Spirit provides the church with all that it needs for service, worship and holiness.


We confess that Jesus calls us to discipleship. We first surrender ourselves to the power of his Spirit to transform our actions, our speech, our thoughts, indeed our entire being into the image of his Son. We are then called to teach and make disciples of other people.


We confess that God calls us to community. God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit has community in his own being. He made us in his own image as male and female. The only thing God declared “not good” was man living without community. We are called by God to live in relationship.


We confess that we are a community with a commission. We believe that we are a community of God’s people sent into the world. We come together in order to “go out” and live our faith in the streets, homes and workplaces of everyday life.