Prov. 8:10 “Receive my instruction, and not silver, And knowledge rather than choice gold…”

One of the things we do together is seek to grow in our understanding of the Bible and its truths. We spend time together in small groups on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday nights discussing and learning together. We have offerings for all ages and levels of Biblical knowledge.

Our Adult Classes Vary by Topic and Format

Spring Quarter 2014

Luke Part 2 (Room 105)Michael Tucker and Brent Spivy rotate as teachers in this class which is currently covering the Gospel of Luke Part I.

Lamentations (Room 107)

For the Grace Explorers class in 107, we will be studying Lamentations. Our class will be filled with crosswords, word games, and other fun.

Convergence: Meeting God in the Everyday with Donald Miller (Upstairs Room 217)

The class is discussion based and is based on a video series that focuses on meeting God in everyday life. Topics include relationships, prayer, parenting and more. Class Leaders are Dave Fuller and Micheal Bell.

Genesis (Auditorium)

A continuing study of Genesis.

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