At Southwest Central, the youth encompass a wide and diverse range of backgrounds (socio-economic, race, family structure, Biblical exposure, etc.) The challenge of diversity provides great opportunities – learning to love our neighbors, sharing a meal with someone unlike ourselves, and seeing the face of God in one another.

We are committed to loving the youth and their families where they are in life. We desire to journey with them in their lives and invite them to collaborate with us in our own.  The youth are not “a part” of the church – they are church with the rest of the folks who gather here, and they are church to the world where they find themselves.

We believe that discipleship is paramount, training one another in what it means to follow Christ – in homes, among friends, with the stranger, at school, etc. We desire to provide opportunities for our youth to grow holistically: spending good time in the Word, talking about and practicing spiritual disciplines, learning how to cultivate healthy relationships, summer camp at Abilene Christian University, wrestling with social justice, engaging in site learning and service experiences, an annual family retreat in Galveston, and running and swimming and playing and sweating.  As a rule of life, it is important for us to remember not to plan too much or try to be busy at all times.

We also find it important to care for one another’s basic necessities – food, bed, tutoring, job training, life skills, etc.  Seeking to love others as Christ loves us, we want to be a welcoming, safe place for one another.  For those of us who meet at 4011 W. Bellfort, we want to live into the visions and dreams of the Kingdom of God.