Making an Impact

A “Big Thank” You to all who made the Impact meal such a success. Dawn and Ken H., Beth W., and Jo and Steve S. did the shopping on Friday. Early Sunday morning found Beverly T., Chuck E., David P., Betty L., Robert and Bernadine B., Dee P., Shirley M. and Jo and Steve chopping lettuce, slicing tomatoes, cutting the meat and cheese, and slicing the bread. Before long they were joined came Mary O., James D., Dawn H., Brent S., Brenda P., Glenn H., Jeff and Angela K., Martha and Stephanie W., Martha C., Beth W., and the Kitchen and Fellowship Hall were alive with workers. After worship, they were joined by Ruth N., Ellery M., Zander D., Deandre and Taylor G., King M., Lupe R., Gabriel B. and Mikey W. About 12:15 Ken H., Beverly T., Betty L., Robert and Bernadine B., Lupe R., Steve S., King M., Deandre and Taylor G., and Steve and Jo S. went to Impact to serve. And of course this list does not include all of you who supplied individually wrapped desserts to add to the lunches. And I am sure we missed someone – there were so many wonderful volunteers.

We prepared 360 sack lunches at a cost of $635.48. Each lunch included a po-boy sandwich with ham, turkey, two types of cheese, lettuce, and tomato. They had two packets of mustard and mayonnaise to add to the taste. Each bag included a banana, bag of potato chips, napkin, and the desserts you provided. We also carried gallons of fresh brewed tea to serve our guests.

You did good! Thank you. Our next feeding is scheduled for March 23 when we will provide a similar menu for 200 students as part of our ministry on the University of Houston. Please save the date and volunteer to prep food, provide desserts, and expose hungry students to God’s word.

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