Cafe Grace

CafeGraceA common place and time we meet is Café Grace, our Wednesday night gathering. The highlight of the week for many, Café Grace is an informal, welcoming, and safe place to come eat, visit and learn. Many folks from our surrounding community come for rich fellowship and authentic relationship. Some come to get out of the heat or rain or cold, to fill empty stomachs, or to simply to rest on a couch for an hour and a half.

Bible study breaks out on most nights, and many people choose to participate in those conversations. Other folks sit around circular tables, sharing lives and laughs and tears and brokenness and hope with each other.

There are classes for children and teens of all ages from 7-8pm. A staffed nursery is also available.

Each week, we craft a light and healthy menu for people to eat – whole wheat bread, natural foods, veggies and fruits, etc. (and the occasional homemade cookie!) We consider Café Grace a purposeful and practical opportunity to experience the Kingdom of God in living color.

Café Grace begins around 6:30pm and finishes whenever the last person turns off the lights, usually around 8:30pm.  The children will be served first at 6:45 with children’s classes beginning at 7 pm.