Reggy Hiller


July 15, 1950, I was born in Searcy, Arkansas to Robert and Ruth Hare who moved over to Munich, Germany to help establish the Lord’s church there and in Salzburg, Austria, when I was 4 months old.  We moved on to Vienna, Austria, when I was six years old, where they helped establish the Lord’s church there as well.  Later my father , Bob Hare, started travelling into the former Iron Curtain countries to help spread the Gospel and many precious souls were brought to the Lord.  I myself studied at Harding University majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Bible.  I married a native Austrian in 1973 and was blessed with a son and a daughter.  Later I had the opportunity to own and run a daycare center with after school care in Breckenridge, Texas, which helped pave the way to start a ministry in a shelter for homeless and displaced families in Vienna, Austria in 1998.  1996-1998 I was involved in a ministry in Zagreb, Croatia, reaching out to people of all ages, as well as orphanages.

4 years ago, our “Lean on Me” ministry expanded to the extent that we were able to open and operate our very own Christian youth center.  One year later we were able to move to an even larger facility, where we were also able to have worship services Sundays and train our African brethren to take an active part in them.  About a year ago, we had to give up this location due to lack of financial assistance, but this year the Lord absolutely blessed us with a house of our own, where I live with up to nine girls at a time to help bring them up in the Lord and provide for their physical needs as well.  This fall the youngest one will be six and the oldest almost 19 years old.  We used to live in a one-bedroom apartment, so we truly feel blessed.  We are also able to have our house church meet there with space   for up to at least 50 people.  Right now we average around 40 in attendance, since the church as a whole is divided into 6 groups at this point.  These 6 groups meet together on a bi-monthly basis.  The teens and older children also have the opportunity and space to meet at our home on a regular basis for devos, and to have fun and fellowship.  We also had our first church wedding to take place in our home right before coming over to the States for this visit.

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