The Lord’s Supper

communion hands

Steve Sandifer has spoken on the program at Abilene Christian University and Pepperdine University concerning the Lord’s Supper. This page is a collection of notes, sermon, and meditations on the subject. (A work in progress.)

Abilene Christian University Lectureship, February 2002 & 2003
A Theology of Eating The Importance of foods and feasting in the Old Testament.
Sandifer-Breaking Bread New Testament texts with significance for the Supper.
Sandifer-Pinch and Sip in Silence A brief history of the development of the Supper significance.
Lord’s Supper Bibliography
Sandifer-Breathing New Life

The Pepperdine Lectures, 1995
Sandifer-Pepperdine day 1
Sandifer–Give Thanks
Sandifer-Food Fellowship

Small Group Meeting Outlines
Lords Supper in Small Group 1
Lord’s Supper in Small Group 2

Lord’s Supper Sandifer MultipartService (3-5 minute talks)

collection of texts with significance to the Lord’s Supper. Sandifer Parallels Lords Supper concerning the Last Supper.

Sandifer MultipartService centered around the Lord’s Supper, delivered 12/29/2002.

A Sandifer NewSouthWales in New South Wales, Australia, that is trying to restore the first century practice.