With simplicity and hope, we are a welcoming, fully gender-inclusive Church of Christ in Southwest Houston. As recipients of God’s compassion, we strive toward greater hospitality in our own community.

Our Mission

As God has loved us, we will meet people on common ground and journey together to the higher ground of life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We love God who first loved us

At Southwest Central Church of Christ we worship God, the One who has called us into the redemption and restoration story of all of creation.

We meet people on common ground

You are beloved by God. I am beloved by God. That brings us into beloved community. We will listen and grow as we learn to follow Christ together.

We journey together in the life of Christ

After worship in community, we then move into smaller communities or classes. These smaller groups commission one another into ministry – going forth, sharing God’s word and presence wherever they go next throughout the week.

Journey with us at Southwest Central Church of Christ

At Southwest Central Church of Christ we hope in the power of God to change lives through the gift of grace and mercy. We journey together as a family – serving in God’s ever-present Kingdom and loving our neighbors. Learn more about how our faith empowers us to live a life with Christ.

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