Our collective worship of God is open and intentional, simple and meaningful, gender inclusive and diverse. Women and men alike share in the calling of spurring on our faith, proclaiming the grace of Christ, and challenging our lives.

While much thought and planning is given to our worship, we allow many to participate and leave room for God’s Spirit to work. Our worship time together typically includes praise through acapella singing, prayer, listening to God’s Word read and proclaimed, intercessory prayer, and sharing in communion.

Worship at Southwest Central

Here are a few things to expect during our worship:

A warm welcome…

Our congregation is known for its warm and home church-like atmosphere.

We all participate…

Even though we have a lead minister, we all share in the sound of our assemblies. In our gathered time together, we have both men and women praying, reading Scripture, serving, preaching, and song leading. In this we demonstrate that in Christ “there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal. 3:28).

A spoken word…

A group of folks, led by our minister Steve Sargent, purposefully dream, initiate, and implement our gathered worship times with thoughtfulness and hope. Following the church calendar and the lectionary texts, they look ahead and plan months in advance. By listening to the texts and trusting God’s Spirit, any one of our gifted and insightful folks may be asked to preach on a certain day and on a certain Scripture. The message given by the individual is unique in style, delivery, and content. Other Sundays, those texts might lead us to morning of testimonies or a day of prayer or a time of service to others.

The Lord’s Table…

All are welcome to the Table of Jesus. Every Sunday, we eat and drink in the remembrance of the Christ who is in us and among us.

We are a diverse group…

combined of men, women and children of many ethnicities, incomes, ages and cultures.

We love to sing…

By choice, we utilize acappella music with four-part harmony. Our worship music is purposeful and beautiful, whether you are actively singing or simply listening.

We worship because we have faith in a God who saves

We believe in a powerful and mighty savior who is good and worthy of all praise. Learn more about our beliefs and how they impact our life as a church and as a family.

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