Classes for Children

Our children gather for relationship and discipleship. Classes are available for our youngest children to upper elementary age students.


An interactive, simple class for our youngest children.
A fully staffed nursery is available for children up to age 2 during the hour of prayer/solitude at 9AM each Sunday, the 10AM worship service, and the 11AM class time. During class time, these children transition to “Seeds.” Each week, parents will find “Seeds” a safe and welcoming place for their children. Fully capable teachers guide the young ones in age-appropriate play, song, and art. The name “Seeds” represents the planting of the Word of God deep within a person at an early age.


A special worship service for Pre-K to 3rd graders.
During the 10AM worship service on Sundays, children 3 years old through 3rd grade attend “Roots.” Just before the sermon, at least two adult leaders guide the children to the Roots room, where the children worship together. Children in Roots sing together and learn about the same text as the larger worship assembly.


Elementary kids learn the love of God and love for neighbor.
The Pre-K to 2nd grade class focuses on the love of God and his son, Jesus, as well as stories of the Bible through song, storytelling, and hands-on activities. The class includes time in the “Worship Room,” where the children can experientially interact and “practice” sharing communion, leading singing, preach, read, play instruments, etc.

Upper elementary students enjoy their classes during the 11AM hour as well. Through participatory activities, our aim is to connect the children to God’s love for and work in the world. The Elementary class guides children through the Bible on a 3-year rotation. Martha Watson and Stephanie Watson lead this class.

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