About Southwest Central Church of Christ

We meet weekly in gratitude, in hope, and in vulnerability. We endeavor to love each another, to pray for each other, and spur one each other on in faith and discipleship.

We worship together

We worship together weekly to give glory to God and acknowledge our place in his story of redemption. The Lord’s Table is one of the most important gifts that we get to share. Take a closer look into what you can expect to see at a worship service at Southwest Central Church of Christ.

What we trust and believe

What we trust and believe comes from truth we see from Scripture: God’s Spirit moving and breathing in our world, and that Jesus is among us, even now.

Serving our community

We believe that we have been called to bless others. This means we are committed to serving our community (in big and in quiet ways), while partnering with other organizations and congregations that do the same.

Our shepherds

We have shepherds who are entrusted by the congregation to lead, direct, teach, serve, and pray.

Our staff

Our staff is called to draw our community deeper into discipleship and fellowship.

Our story

Southwest Central Church is 101 years old. You can read a lengthy write-up of much of SWC’s story here. View a presentation about our rich history here.

We walk hand in hand as we pursue knowledge and a stronger faith in Christ

We offer a wide range of classes and opportunities for people of all ages. Whether you’ve been studying the Word for many years or you are looking to open the Bible for the first time, we seek to learn who God is and what God is about.

Have questions for us? We are always here to talk

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